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Stefan Unković


Stefan is a designer, illustrator, musician, promoter and artist. Starting from streets and walls, over clubs and stages to galleries and festivals, he has built a clear artistic handwriting that he skillfully transposes over different mediums and formats. Besides collaborating with most of the relevant music promoters in Belgrade as a designer, Stefan also realized a number of visual identities and conceptual projects, among them the Super Size She platform that is dedicated to nurturing the local “indie” culture.
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    Why did you decide to join the Side Effects team and submit one of your works for the debut series?

    People who are behind the project are my long-time friends whose work I respect a great deal, so there was not too much to think about.

    How did you choose which of your works will be printed and produced in the limited pressing of 100?

    I had a few finished works that I thought would be ideal for replicating. Why this particular one was selected is beyond me. Of course, I had no remarks to that choice.

    Besides working in the print domain, which is obviously interesting for you, what are your other favorite forms of visual expression?

    All of it.

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    What kind of inspiration lies behind “Untitled 001″?

    I have always been wondering – if a man was to another man a wolf, does wolf comes across as a man to another wolf? And what could it mean altogether.

    Which work or output by another artist would you consider your “eternal inspiration”, if you have had this kind of experience?

    October Salon, some 7 years ago, Turkish Bath space and an incredible Romanian artists who made me laugh to tears – Dan Perjovschi. David Shrigley could enter this category as well.

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  • How would you describe your aesthetics in a couple of “-isms”?

    Elitism, nihilism, satanism.

    What is your relationship to and experience with silkscreening, as a technological process for presenting visual ideas?

    I am far more excited by the production experience, rather than the fee of the final product.

    Do you have a favorite “fine art paper” that you had a chance to work with?

    I did not think about it so much…

    Will the success change you?

    Will the day ever come, and what is success afterall?