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Sandra Milanović


As one of the most distinguished young authors on the Serbian graphic scene, Sandra Milanović has been developing various techniques, projects and collaborations with colleagues and clients alike. Besides regularly participating in fanzine and exhibition activities from the DIY domain, Sandra has graphically sculpted numerous catalogues and identities for some of the leading cultural institutions in Belgrade, including Cultural Center of Belgrade and Center for Promotion of Science. She is currently working with one of the most acclaimed design studios in Serbia, while her contribution to the Side Effects edition is her first official graphic release larger than the A4 format.
  • Sandra-Milanovic-Bio-SideEffects-1

    Besides working in the print domain, which is obviously interesting for you, what are your other favorite forms of visual expression?

    Print is certainly my constant platform for expression. However, I sometimes get a more intimate and fun result from drawing or collage, perhaps because there is less filtering and no “undo” option.


  • What’s the story behind your Layers of Needs print?

    This graphic is essentially my inner geology. It is the visualization of my primary needs divided into layers. Here is some more information for the ones who would like to dig deeper into the meanings:
    (reading direction – from the bottom up)

    1 – Basic Needs (air, food, water, heat, sleep)
    2 – Layer of the Irrational / transformed condition
    3 – Zen Layer / or Layer of insouciance / void
    4 – Layer of Relativity (affects all other layers and destibilizes them)
    5 – Layer of Closeness
    6 – Layer of Laugh
    7 – Layer of Abstract / idea / intensity


    Do you yourself shop online, if yes what products do you buy?

    Yes, I buy comics and books online because they are too heavy to carry around on trips. Also, prices are lower online. On the other hand, graphics are something I like to buy “live”. The frenzies and tactility of customs officials are primary reasons I still prefer the safety of offline shopping.

  • Do you prefer real, surreal, virtual or something else?

    I prefer real but I allow surreal.
    I prefer surreal for it titillates and triggers.
    I prefer authenticity in all of these three, and in all other planes as well.


    Which work or output by another artist would you consider your “eternal inspiration”, if you have had this kind of experience?

    I get most of my inspiration out of the art that is not visual, and out of the visual moments that are not defined as art.

    The work of Škart group with their amazing graphicism, wittiness and activism evokes something that is for me related to the feeling of inspiration, happiness, humanity and questioning.

    Do you have a favorite “fine art paper” that you had a chance to work with?

    I like paper with an aged look, so when I found the Tesco 100g sheets from the year 1992, voluminous and slightly jaundiced, I knew that I was holding the perfect paper. I am also attracted to the idea of printing on biblical paper.

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    What is your relationship to and experience with silk-screening, as a technological process for presenting visual ideas?

    Silk screening is actually the only process of reproduction which for me represents pure pleasure. I had the chance to experience the whole printing process myself. The texture application, optional transparency and color coverage, the print variations with occasional mistakes, applying colors and washing the screen with water guns, were all elements that totally bought me.

    I also like the fact that despite this being a process of reproduction, you still get authentic prints, especially in DIY work conditions.

    Whose artworks do you usually place on your walls?

    I am absolutely sure that Field of Rhombus by Danijel Savović from the SideEffects collection will soon be on one of my walls.