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Milica Pantelić


Milica is a diverse Belgrade-based designer and illustrator. Beside very interesting client work in collaboration with studios such as Peter Gregson and Metaklinika, Milica is also a part of the SilkSkrin initiative, where she organizes exhibitions and international collborations dedicated to illustration and graphic art.
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    Why did you decide to join the Side Effects team and submit one of your works for the debut series.

    l liked the project very much.

    How did you choose which of your works will be printed and produced in the limited pressing of 100?

    I did not choose, I made a brand new piece for the series.

  • Besides working in the print domain, which is obviously interesting for you, what are your other favorite forms of visual expression?

    I do literature by the way of e-mailing.

    What kind of inspiration lies behind “Where Am I?”?

    I looked for the answer for quite some time, and then realized that I do not know which question I was trying to answer. Only then I knew what I was supposed to do. Pose a question, Milica!


  • Which work or output by another artist would you consider your “eternal inspiration”, if you have had this kind of experience?

    E-Boy and Marina Abramović.

    How would you describe your aesthetics in a couple of “-isms”?

    Mistified Antagonism of Hedonism.

    What is your relationship to and experience with silkscreening, as a technological process for presenting visual ideas?

    I am excited by the texture of non-glossy watrecolor on a 300g paper with a rustic texture, and put the golden flare over the fluo pink – it is a winner.

    Do you have a favorite “fine art paper” that you had a chance to work with?

    I change them all the time, I do not remember the names. I do not really go back to papers I previously used. Why do it when there is so much good paper to choose from? The last one I remember is CYCLUS 230g.

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    Will the success change you?