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Multifaceted art director, animator, illustrator, designer, artist, DJ and entrepreneur, Jovan Mikonjić has been successfully building his Biskoteka identity for years now, regardless of if he is working for clients, self-initiating artistic projects, organizing parties or launching fashion lines onto the local and regional markets. From Volim Sijetl (I Love Seattle) to Biskolart, Jovan always finds a way to expose himself in a new light, with an everlasting playful and humorous graphic approach.
  • Biskoteka-Bio-1-SideEffects

    Why did you decide to join the Side Effects team and submit one of your works for the debut series.

    Why not… :)

    How did you choose which of your works will be printed and produced in the limited pressing of 100?

    I was looking at a photograph by Nemanja Knežević with a snowy background with no details desitegrating and leaving the floating figures of skiers in colorful suits. I decided to create my own version of that scene.

  • Biskoteka-Bio-3-SideEffects

    Besides working in the print domain, which is obviously interesting for you, what are your other favorite forms of visual expression?

    Video and animation.

    What kind of inspiration lies behind “Skiing”?

  • Which work or output by another artist would you consider your “eternal inspiration”, if you have had this kind of experience?

    God – Universe, no kidding.

    How would you describe your aesthetics in a couple of “-isms”?

    I cannot think of any. But I work through organization, abstraction, humor and color.


  • Biskoteka-Bio-4-SideEffects

    What is your relationship to and experience with silkscreening, as a technological process for presenting visual ideas?

    I am not getting anything too exciting out of it.

    Do you have a favorite “fine art paper” that you had a chance to work with?

    I mostly use the screen as my medium, I did work with some nice papers for graphics, Fabriano. That’s it.

    Will the success change you?

    Success is to know oneself.