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Ana Kraš


Ana Kraš was born in Belgrade, Serbia, in 1984. She studied furniture design and interior architecture at the University Of Applied Arts in Belgrade. In 2011 Ana moved to Los Angeles, then in 2013 to New York, where she continued working on various projects in the field of object design, art, photography and fashion. Ana’s works were exhibited in numerous solo and group shows around the world, as well as in all international publications.
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    Since you tend to express yourself in different visual forms and media, are there any that you haven’t tried yet but would like to?

    I’d like to have an opportunity to work with stone sculptures, on a large scale.

    And I would also really like to work with glass, but I know nothing about it.

    How did you come to participate in the SideEffect Print project?

    Well, Trifun and Lazar are my college friends :)


  • Tell us something about the basic idea behind “Portrait M”.

    Two years ago I created a large series of very simple linear portraits. I’d imagine a person who does not exist and then translate the atmosphere, the mood into a simple linear portrait. M is one of the imaginary characters from the series.

    Do you have a favourite paper type? And why the particular one?

    I have a favourite type – cheap paper. I like to draw on the paper which does not inspire fear and tension in the sense that I have to make something really good on it. I feel uneasy in front of a beautiful paper because I am scared I might spoil it with a line.


    Which artist inspires you? Or rather, whose work excites you and moves you?

    I prefer architecture.

    Whose artwork would you like to possess or have in close vicinity?

    Huh, many things – e.g. Hoffman’s chairs designed for Thonet.

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    Tell us about the environment in which you like spending time and working. What is important for you in this respect?

    I like the space to be mine, which means that I set it up so that I feel cosy in it. It is also important that the ceiling is high and that the objects do not touch each other. There has to be a lot of empty space.


    In your opinion, what is the position of drawings in modern art?

    Drawings are not as popular as oil on canvas or acrylic painting. I like drawings because they are very delicate. My favourite format is oversized, nicely framed drawing.

  • Do you often sketch, draw, etc. and how do you feel about the analogue drawing in general?

    I keep drawing all the time, I have done so from early childhood. It is a most instinctive action – I do not think at all while drawing. This is probably why I do it.


    How would you define your aesthetics?

    I like classic things which are not aggressive, which have interesting details and materialization.

    Are the artist and his work separable?

    If the artist is highly conceptual or bipolar; otherwise no.